Our Story

Six Seasons is synonymous with coffee-round-the-year. Its robust composition makes it a beverage for all the seasons. The taste of Six Seasons acclimatizes effortlessly across ambiences and geographies. Since our inception we have endeavoured to bring the richness of exotic flavours to expand your coffee horizons. Six Seasons blends perfection, finesse and a disproportionate passion for coffee within the forthy confines of its brews. Six Seasons is an enabler of the finer experiences from simpler things in life. Our curated range of products introduces unique flavours with the same relish. We invite you to the bold and modish experience of Six Seasons. Now onto more important things - which coffee flavour are you? Hot or cold? Black or milk?

Our Beliefs

Ethically sourced coffee tastes the best

Fair trade principles are one of the cornerstone of Six Seasons. Our ethical and
scrupulous production processes have helped our coffee beans attain the 'FairTrade Certified' tag.

A brighter future lies at the heart of gender pay equality

A thriving workforce is the lifeline of an enterprise. Six Seasons is envisioned as a fairly compensated workplace irrespective of gender and race.

The principle of sustainability is key to authentic coffee moments

Six Seasons strives to realise transparent governing processes and resource
reductions as part of its sustainability initiatives.
A sustainable enterprise is a happy enterprise.

All our efforts and endeavours are shaped by the singular drive to provide you with a pure and immaculate cup of coffee everyday.

Why Us

Zero artificial flavours: An authentic coffee experience can't be created artificially. Compositions of Six Seasons' flavours wants to get it right sans additives or preservatives.

Coffee for all seasons: Effortless flavours that adapts with the time of the year. Six Seasons is the beverage for all the seasons.

Fair Trade Certified: Socially, economically and environmental sound production practices has helped our coffee beans attain the rigorous 'Fair Trade Certified' tag.

Gluten-free: Six Seasons values a gluten-free lifestyle. We strive to enable glutensensitive coffee nuts to relish a cup of coffee without a worry.

Low calories and Keto-friendly: Enjoy the finer things in life without breaking a sweat. We strongly believe one thing that shouldn't be clouded with guilt is your morning cup of coffee. Six Seasons is keto at heart and indulgent in taste.